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"When I paint I feel, I live. This is an adventure that introduces me to my own being. Others express themselves with words, music, numbers, sounds, I express myself with words that cannot be spoken, I paint images, colours to be able to get an emotion, a reflection.

At a very young age I discovered the love for painting, I spent hours drawing. Colours, lines and forms encouraged me to continue. I never imagined the great satifaction that this passion would bring me. This allows me to get in touch with my inner part and theres is nothing more sublime than be myself.

I know exactly when and how I started with this passion, but I don't know when and how I will finish. My work is to search, to find and search again; but while I find myself I enjoy the journey."

Lourdes Berbeyer

"If you hear a voice inside you saying you cannot paint, paint and this voice will go."
Vincent van Gogh
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