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Lourdes Berbeyer studio 

The Lourdes Berbeyer Studio was born with the intention of offering a space to develop the creativity of young people and adults interested in learning and/or perfecting their pictorial techniques. 
All groups son small with the aim of offering personalized classes focused on the needs and tastes of each person._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-138bad5cf55
"My intention is to offer the necessary tools so that
students can use, appropriately, the different techniques
pictorial and so find meaning in their form of expression."
This is a space where the love of painting, art and creativity are combined. Surrounded by an open space that invites us to let our imagination fly.

Students, Work & Testimonials



Studying painting with Lourdes is an incredible experience, she has helped me express my emotions through color

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