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María de Lourdes Berbeyer Bazán

* Date of birth: February 11, 1956 *

Mexican nationality

artistic studies:
Luis Gómez workshop 1973-1980; CECATI Drawing and painting 1990-1992; * Human Figure Workshop Casa del Lago UNAM
1993-1996; Maru Solloa Workshop 2001-2013 ; Iberoamerican University Abstract Painting 2003; * Watercolor Workshop
Master Alfredo Ravelo 2008/2014; Master Manuel Arrieta Watercolor Workshop 2009; Abstract art with Master José
Luis Bustamante 2020.

Group exhibitions:
Association of Colonists of La Herradura 1996 * Merici School 1997-1998 * Quinta Colorada "The color in winter",
November 1997 * Menache Gallery, “The Spirit of Color”, March 1998 * Torre del Reloj Gallery, “Color Dream and
Reality”, December 1998 * Valle Escondido Rotary Club “Rota expo IV”, 2001 * H. Congress of the Union “International Womens Day” March 2002 * La Casita Gallery “Brush and Poetry”, March 2003 * Secretary of Development
Metropolitan “All Colors for Peace”, April 2003 * Universidad Iberoamericana “Abstract Painting”, May 2003
* Mexican Society of the Dahlia “Our National Flower”, June 2003 * Torre del Reloj Gallery “Color in Movement”,
March 2005 * 2nd. Drawing Biennial “Silvia Pawa 2005”, November 2005 * Torre del Reloj Gallery “Woman Voices and
Silences”, March 2006 * Chamber of Deputies “Woman, Essence and Presence” March 2007 * XLVII Annual contest
watercolor fans 2007, Nal Museum. of the Watercolor "Alfredo Guati Rojo" * LII National Hall of Watercolor 2008
National Museum of Watercolor "Alfredo Guati Rojo" * State University of the Valley of Ecatepec, "De Cielo y Tierra",
February 2009 * Edo Watercolor Museum. From Mexico, 3rd. Tlaloc Award, September 2009 * Chamber of Deputies
“Women and Politics”, October 2009 * UNAM Botanical Garden “Expressions of Nature, Plants Transformed into
Art” Nov.2009 * Coyoacano Metro Station “Hand in hand for Human Rights” Dec. 2009 * Center of the
Youth Art and Culture FUTURAMA “Mexico, Yesterday and Today” -Celebrating the Bicentennial- May 2010;
Lebanese Center,   ̈Mexico Yesterday and Today ̈, November 2010; Ecatepec Valley State University,  ̈Creative diversity ̈,
May 2011; Modern Art Center in Guadalajara, Jal.,  ̈Creative Diversity ̈, April 2011; Asturian Center of
Mèxico A.C.,  ̈12 Expressions ̈, May 2011; Benemerita National School of Teachers,  ̈Hand in Hand for Rights
Humans ̈, May 2011; *National Institute of Copyright,   ̈Plastic Conjunction ̈, September 2011; *IBL Art
Gallery, Mauritius, Africa,   ̈Eco Living, art exhibition ̈, 2011; *Mexican Olympic Committee,  ¨Second National Competition
sculpture and graphic work 2011, ̈Sport and Olympism ̈, January 2012; *Metro Collective Transportation System, ̈World Day
of Art ̈,   ̈Metro with M for Women ̈, March 2012; *Fifth Edition of the Mexican Society of Watercolorists Award, June 2012;
*Autonomous University of Aguascalientes,  ̈30 X 30  ̈, April 2013; *Lebanese Center, World Art Day, April 2013;
*Radio Educacion,  ̈Los Rios ̈, July 2013; *Cultural Center of Contemporary Mexico,  ̈Mexico, Yesterday and Today ̈, August
2013; *SEP,  ̈ Mexico, Art and Time ̈, murals made by children students from schools in Mexico
incorporated into UNESCO, October 2013; * ISSSTE, ̈Woman, Voice and Movement ̈, traveling exhibition in March DF
as of August 2013; *Municipal Government of Celaya, H. City Hall and Municipal System of Art and Culture,  ̈Mexico, Yesterday and
Today¨, March 2014; *National Lottery for Public Assistance,  ̈World Art Day ̈, April 2014; *Saint
Petersburg, Russia,  ̈Alma, Corazon y Vida de Mèxico ̈, June 2014; * 9th International Biennial of Drawing, Pilsen 2014
with the work  ̈Quetzal, a dance to the gods ̈; *Higher School of Engineering and Architecture ESIA, Tecamachalco unit,
̈Woman, Art and Passion ̈, March 2015; * Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice,   ̈Indelible Traces ̈, April 2015,
Fabriano in watercolour, 2015, Fabriano, Italy. National Polytechnic Institute, "Woman, Art and Passion II", April 2017; Gallery
Alfredo Átala Boulos, "Tribute to Jaime Torres Bodet", August 2017; “Higher School of Engineering and Architecture
ESIA, Tecamachalco unit, “Woman, art and passion II, March 2017; Anahuac University, Interlomas campus, ";Essences",
October 2017. Postal Palace, Fifth Post Office, “Limerencias”, April 16, 2018; First ARTA Salon, "Tribute to
Francisco Zenteno Bujaidar”, Jaime Torres Bodet Cultural Center, National Polytechnic Institute, 2018; "Limerencies",
Fifth Post Office, April 2018; "Pictorial Mail", Fifth Post Office, November 2018; “Inspiration, form and
color”, Metro Collective Transportation System, Auditorio station, April 2019; Adamo Boari Room, Palace of Fine Arts,
March 2020; "Women in art in confinement"; Bernardo Quintana Cultural Center, Querétaro, Qro. 2020; faculty of
Engineering UNAM, "XXV International Meeting, XX Ibero-American of Women in Art", March 2021. "Glances of
my Land”, CECEQ Gómez Morin, Querétaro, Qro. June 24, 2021; "Looks of my Land", Anahuac University, campus
north, September 22, 2021; II ARTAC National Salon, "Creation in Isolation", Zambatha, Museum of the Valley of the
Moon, 2021; “Vibration”, SOPHART Gallery, 2022; “100 Fridas for Frida”, Frida Gallery, Paris, France, 2022, King's Ra Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2022, Galery Ephemere, Paris, France, 2022, Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2023; “XXVII
International and XVII Ibero-American Exhibition of Women in Art, Querétaro, Qro. 2022; “Latin American look
current”, Brazil, Brasilia, 2022; “Between Eva and Dulcinea”, Dr. Luis Mota Maciel Museum 2022, Acambaro, Gto.; “Creation in
Isolation”, Former Convent of the Desierto de los Leones, 2022; "Poetic Strokes 2", National Academy of History and
Geography and ARTAC, with the work "Luz de Luna", 2022;  XXVII International and XVII Ibero-American Exhibition of Women in Art, Center for the Arts, CEART, Queretaro, Qro. Cloister of Sor Juana, Center, Mexico, Mexico City, 2022; Human Rights? The future’s shoe, Women Can Save The World", Rovereto, Italy, 2020.; "Bienal Milan", Italy, International Art Meeting, Milan, Italy, 2023; "XXI International Festival Da Vinci", Pedro Banda Gallery, Victoria City, Tamaulipas, 2023; XXIX International Meeting of Women in Art, “Las Multiversas Femeninas”, Autonomous University of Querétaro, Rectory, Queretaro, Qro., 2023; “MujeRes en el Arte”, Centro Nacional de las Artes”, Coyoacan, Mexico City, 2023; “Tiempo”,Soma District, train station, San Miguel de Allende, Gto., 2023; "Milán Art Factory", Margherita Award, Milan, Italy, 2023; XXI International Festival Da Vinci, Queretaro's Art Museum, Queretaro, Qro., 2024; 
Clock Tower Galley, “Mujeres en el Arte”, Mexico, Mexico City, 2024; Purple Snail Galley, “Conquista”, Mexico, Mexico City, 2024.

Individual expositions:
IMEF “Raíces”, October 1998 * El Chisme Restaur-arte, “Raíces” July 2001 * El Chisme Restaur-arte “Cuerpo y
Spirit”, July 2002 * El Chisme Restaur-arte “Abstraciones”, October 2003 * Torre del Reloj Gallery “Of Times
Mestizos”, 2006 * Municipal Palace of Huixquilucan, Edo. From Mexico "Fusion of Cultures", 2008, "Looks of my
Earth”, CECEQ, Edo Cultural Educational Center. From Querétaro Manuel Gómez Morin, July-August 2021, University
Anahuac, north campus, "Views of my land", September 2021; CECEQ Educational and Cultural Center of the State of
Querétaro, "Looks from my Land", 2021; Zambatha Museum, Lerma, Mexico State, "Views of my Land", 2022; Square
Outlet Lerma, Mexico State, "Views of my Land", 2022; “Immersive Exhibition”, “Mexico Through your Senses”,
Sydney, Australia, 2022; Caracol Púrpura Gallery, San Ángel, Mexico, permanent work.

Publication of my work in THIS magazine, San Miguel de Allende, November and January 2018 and 2019; Publication of my work
in the virtual magazines "Cool People", January 2017; "The magnifying glass and the owl" No. 6, year XV; Magazine "The Federalist, 2015; Interview in the program Tribuna Pùblica de Morelos by Director Alexis Polo, February 2014; I directed mural  ̈LaPaz ̈, in the Casa Hogar Alegrìa, Toluca, Edo. De Mèxico, a project with schools in Mexico incorporated into UNESCO,
organized by ARTAC-AIAP, UNESCO and SEP, February, March 2014; He directed the mural  ̈Caring for the Environment and
Identity ̈, in Boarding School No. 5 Mexican Army, a project with schools from Mexico incorporated into the
UNESCO, organized by ARTAC-AIAP, UNESCO AND SEP, OCTOBER 2012; I directed the mural "Visión Choca" inside
of the participation program "A to all lights, dialogue of knowledge between science and art", with the support of the Commission
National Cooperation with UNESCO, in the schools of the REDPEA of Tabasco, Villahermosa, Tabasco, 2017;
Interview in Revistara Personae, January 2003; * Jury First Children's Painting Contest "Children Want a
Place Like This”, Huixquilucan Government, Edo Mex. * Teacher of Painting and Drawing, Military Prison Ministry of Defense
National and in his own workshop; Publishing of my work by MAXWELL Jalisco magazine, Guadalajara, Jal. 2023.

Works that belong to the cultural heritage and are exhibited in the Mexican Olympic Committee and in the Fifth Post Office,
Historic Center;First place in the contest   ̈VI Contest for Amateurs of Watercolor ̈, National Museum of Watercolor
Alfredo Guati Rojo, with the work   ̈Seeing takes time ̈, July 2010-
Honorable Mention in the Second National Contest of Sculpture and Graphic Work 2011, Sports and Olympism, Committee
Mexican Olympic, with the work   ̈National Pride ̈, 2011.
Selected at the 9th International Biennial of Drawing, Pilsen 2014, Czech Republic.
Certification by the Museum of the Americas as a Fine Artist 2020
Recognition granted by the Global Quality Award as an inspiring woman of the 21st century for her leadership in the arts
plastic, 2022.

Selection of my work “Inconsciencia”, as image of the events made for the XXIX International Meeting and the XXIV Iberoamericano of Women in Art, 2023.

“Jacobo da Ponte” Award, for my work displayed on the Biennal of Milan, Italy, 2024.

Member of the Association of Plastic Artists of Mexico AC ARTAC
Member of the Mexican Society of Watercolorists, AC
Member of the Mexican Society of Authors of Plastic Arts, SOMAAP
Member of the International Coordinator of Women in Art, ComuArte

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-25 at 12.36.23.jpeg
International Biennale Milano, Italy. 2023
"Todo un camino"
Cultural heritage of the Museum of the Fifth Post Office, Postal Palace, México, 2019
III Art-Bridge-Watercolor International competition, San Petersburgo Russia. 2015
"Proyecto México, Arte y Tiempo", Walls
"Orgullo Nacional"
Honorary mention, Mexican Olympic Comeettee, 2012​
"Ver lleva tiempo"
First place Watercolor contest, Alfredo Guati Rojo Museum, 2010
"Quetzal... a dance to the god"
International Biennale of drawing in Pilsen, Chzec Republic. 2014
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