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Lourdes Berbeyer was born in Mexico City in 1956. From a young age, the path that painting was going to take in her life was glimpsed.

She always liked working with color, she was happy with a notebook and colored pencils, she spent hours immersed in her world, but it was not until adolescence that she began her training in painting. She studied with two great teachers who left their mark on her life: José Luis Gómez and Luz María Solloa. She attended for several years the Casa del Lago of the UNAM, in drawing of human figure workshops, abstract painting in the Iberoamericana University and the Centre de Capacitación Técnica SEP to study History of Art, drawing and painting, workshops with watercolor masters and currently studying abstract painting with the artist José Luis Bustamante.

From 1996 to date, she has participated in individual and group exhibitions in cultural centers, galleries and public and private institutions in national and international galleries.

In addition, for more than 12 years, Lourdes Berbeyer has been teaching painting classes in her Art Studio to youth and adults, has taught in the military prison and children from different public schools in Mexico.

Lourdes Berbeyer/ Mexican artist

Lourdes Berbeyer/ Mexican artist

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